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Previously, GGG released a new expansion Path of Exile 3.18 on May 17, 2022. Path Of Exile will be wrapping up its Archnemesis League in less than a month, meaning we only have a few weeks left when the new league goes live before starting over with new characters. I think I will continue to buy POE Currency as a preparation for joining the new league. This should be a ritual for every Path of Exile player.

GGG says the expansion will be "a little smaller than Siege of the Atlas". The new league promises a new set of challenges, along with more content and endgame improvements. Grinding Gear Games is also working on an update that will introduce "some engine improvements" for Path Of Exile as well as controller support, which is currently in beta on PC. Elsewhere, Path Of Exile 2 remains stalled.

For veteran players of Path of Exile, every new expansion gets me excited for a long time. Again, I can explore new game mechanics and new game scenarios with new characters. And I will buy POE Currency at POECurrency so that I can better explore new expansions and new leagues. It is a trustworthy seller that provides a safe way of trading and a safe trading system. POECurrency also offers discounts. I think POECurrency is the best game service provider.